Start Ups & Entrepreneurs

I have the experience to guide start ups and young companies through the financial pitfalls of their early years. In his role, I work closely with the owners to develop the financial framework required for the success of their business. This will ensure that the business meets its tax and corporate compliance obligations in the initial period.


Most entrepreneurs do not have the time or expertise to set up the financial requirements of their business. Cashflow is obviously critical but no two business start-ups are the same. Beside getting the business structure right, careful tax planning will meet the long term financial objectives of the business owners.

Interim Financial Control

After the initial incorporation and tax set up I can offer Interim Financial Control. This will allow the entrepreneur to concentrate on making the business a success, tith the financial tools to make informed decisions and ensuring that the company complies with its legal and revenue requirements. This includes:

  • Timely Accounts to relevant authorities

  • Compliance with changing accounting standards & tax

  • Administration No more being snowed under with paperwork and not having time to make the business a success.

Top Tips for Entrepreneurs & Start ups

  • Cashflow– have a detailed cashflow forecast and know your cash requirements

  • Budget Have a detailed cost budget.

  • Revenue Drive revenue and have tight credit control to ensure timely customer payment

  • Incorporate

  • Compliance Ensure that you are registered and keep up to date for PAYE, VAT and other taxes

  • Software Install and maintain accounting software to maintain up to date accounts.

  • Management Accounts Prepare accurate monthly management accounts.